Life on Hold

Two weeks ago I drafted a blog post about how my new life was shaping up. I had just started another freelance role with a small newspaper and alongside my part-time charity role I was starting to think that this might be the portfolio career I had been looking for. Although the newspaper role was as Editor’s Assistant, it would also give me a chance to do some features writing and get published — something that I had increasingly been drawn towards during the time I have been getting to know myself again.

On the 7th July I went to my first press conference, wrote about it and managed to get my article published. I was feeling very excited about what was to come and had started my packing list for the big family adventure to Borneo. I was so busy that I didn’t get around to finishing the blog post.

On the 9th July I was told I have breast cancer.

In the space of a few seconds everything fell apart. A month ago a mammogram had been clear and a biopsy carried out ‘just to be sure’, but here was the doctor mouthing words that made no sense….’there is a tumour….I’m so sorry….it is in your lymph nodes too…surgery….ER+…HER negative…24th July…you need to cancel your holiday’.

By the time I left the hospital 30 minutes later I had joined a new club, been given the membership pack and had a head buzzing with questions. How do I tell people? What will it sound like when I say it out loud? My kids….what do I tell my kids? Continue Reading →