5 Positive Changes After Leaving My Job

Umbrellas in the Rain
       I have just come to the end of strange limbo period called Gardening Leave. As of last week I am now Unemployed For Real.  I had been pretty relaxed about things until now, but I woke up on my first day of Real Unemployment and felt different inside.
       I have been employed in some capacity or other since the age of 14, and this past week I have an edgy feeling that something is not right.  When my mind is empty for a few minutes I feel very uneasy, my stomach lurches and for a split second I feel panic.
So, this week I am focussing on the positive changes in my life over the last three months and how my life is slowly improving for the better.

Now I can…

  1. Sleep – I can now sleep like a dead person for eight hours a night.  I used to sleep badly for four to six hours and often couldn’t get to sleep at all.  My alarm clock is now my five year old son bouncing on the bed.
  2. Breathe – I go outside every day take great gulps of fresh air, whatever the weather.  I still feel starved of fresh air and daylight after all those years in an office.  (For those of you that have yet to Escape, let me tell you it has rained a lot in the last three months!)
  3. Move – I am always moving and I walk everywhere (usually with an umbrella — see above)!  All my aches and pains have gone and I no longer have physiotherapy— no need, because now that I am moving all the time my body behaves differently and all my muscles have remembered what they are supposed to do.
  4. Think – My mind is buzzing, with new ideas, new learning and new people I have met.  There aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything I would like.  A sharp contrast to my endless days of clock watching when I was at work.
  5. Write – Apart from never-ending ‘To Do’ Lists It never would have entered my head to write & I hardly had time to read.  Over the last few months I have written and read every day.

It hasn’t been an easy ride, but I am starting to feel a little bit like me again.

If you are embarking on your own career change, I would love to hear what changes you are looking for…

Tell me what you think....

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