About Me

I am a career-changer…or at least I am trying to be!
Fed up of going to bed miserable and waking up even more miserable, I have walked away from a career in Investment Banking after more than 2 decades and I am starting all over again. Trying new things and following my heart to see where it takes me.

I have given myself a year to do freelance work, courses, voluntary and community work, internships and anything else that takes my fancy. If you have any projects or roles that you would like me to try just drop me a line and if I like the idea I will take part and write about them here.

I have the added complication of three sons, ages 17, 15 and 5. The teenagers’ main concern seems to be that we might not be able to afford the latest mobile phone upgrade, or we might run out of food. Son3 is our little ‘bonus baby’ and worries about nothing. A statistical improbability, I was hurtling towards 44 when I had him. Now he is at school I am pretty sure that makes me the Oldest Mum in Reception.

Clara Lawrence is not my real name, but my ‘porn name’ – a combination of my Grandmother’s first name and the first road that I lived in (I do know there are some variations of ‘porn name’ but the alternative would have left me as Twinkle O’Brien).

I am PR-friendly and available for freelance features writing, blog writing and copywriting.

All my blog articles are written from the heart and any links to products, venues, or suppliers are there purely to help my readers find the source. I do not receive any payment for links from my articles.
As my sons do need mobile phones from time to time I will be trialling advert panels on my blog, but will not be changing what or how I write.
I am happy to review family-related products, travel and restaurants. Should I be paid to write review or receive free goods I will of course disclose this in my review.

Finally, if you are going through your own career crisis and need a few words of encouragement, then please drop me a line and I will be happy to try and help.

Tell me what you think....