Girls Night 2 – Five Go Mad at The Rivington

Nothing like a tube strike to test your metal.  We had arranged our night weeks before the announcement that London would be paralysed, but it will take more than lack of transport to stop the Fabulous Five meeting up!  We don sturdy walking shoes and meet up regardless.

We are not the easiest table to sit next to as our topics are wide-reaching and our opinions strong and loud.  Last night we covered a particularly broad spectrum — other peoples marriages, the pros and cons of circumcision and (after eating) some in depth medical discussions about parts of our body that we didn’t know existed 20 years ago and pre-childbirth!

The Rivington was a little quieter than usual, the staff were very welcoming and four of us sat down on time.  One of us is always late (you know who you are), so this is always a good test of a restaurant’s flexibility.  An hour later and already finishing our second bottle of wine we have yet to order any food, not because of poor service I might add, we especially appreciate not being pestered to order when we are waiting for number 5.  Finally, number 5 shows up and we get down to business.

The Rivington provide warm, fresh-baked bread at the table which is very welcome after a few pre-dinner cocktails elsewhere and we order some fried Cornish squid with chilli jam for sustenance. It is excellent (although with all the floods and transport problems I do wonder how you even get a squid from Cornwall to Shoreditch this week).

Starters vary in size from a petite and pretty chicory, pear and hazelnut salad to my massive Cornish crab with toast (clearly the crab hitched a ride with the squid).  As a starter it was mammoth and it took me quite a time to plough through it (but I did eventually defeat it).

I totally mis-ordered my main as I chose the roast chicken, roast potatoes and gravy.  When I eat out I like to eat food that I don’t eat at home and sadly for me this was too much like home cooking (although my roast potatoes are better – sorry Chef!)  A small side order of cauliflower cheese was nice little treat, but a little watery.

After eating the best part of a loaf of bread and half a chicken I couldn’t face dessert ,but we did squeeze in a few extra bottles of wine and little more inappropriate discussion.

We were loud, very loud and the tables around us seemed to clear very quickly (sorry Rivington), but we enjoyed ourselves and that’s all that matters.  Great service and a nice relaxed atmosphere.

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