Motivation for Monday – 14th April

Nothing like a school holiday to slow down a Career Changer. The last week has been a bit of a struggle and at times I have questioned my decision to give up my old life and start again. Time for a bit of Monday Motivation to help remember why I am doing this!

So, the kids have two weeks off.  My older kids are fettered to their desks supposedly doing revision, but frankly how would I know if they are? A teenager’s bedroom has so many electronic gadgets and communication tools that it is perfectly feasible that they are spending 8 hours a day Snapchatting their mates or watching pointless You Tube videos. I have been de-friended from their Facebook profiles (nothing personal they tell me, just that now I won’t be able to see when they are online…oh that’s OK then). Son 3 is the opposite, needing constant entertainment and interaction with other kids. Any gaps in this entertainment-fest result in him repeatedly wailing ‘Who is going to plaaay with meeeee?!’

For a freelancer this is bad news all round. I managed a few blocks of time last week to do some work – Son 3 at a play date, cup of coffee on my desk, switch on my laptop only to have Son 1 appear for one of his meals or snacks (when he is not Snapchatting he is eating). Slamming around in my office (err kitchen) and trying to squeeze a whole roast chicken between two slices of bread.

BUT, the sun is shining, I still don’t use an alarm clock and here is my wrap up of all the good things that have been going on.

Last week I….

Created…a pretty amazing Easter bonnet for Son 3. He hates fancy dress and the school year is peppered with days like World Book Day where kids are supposed to get excited about dressing up as a book character. He refuses to budge on this matter and will always turn up at school dressed as….himself. The last day of term was Easter Bonnet day and things were heading the same way. 45 minutes before we were due to leave the house he finally caved in and said ‘OK then, you can make me a bonnet’. With such short notice I am pretty pleased with the result AND he wore it!

Photo of Easter Bonnet

Go on…it’s not bad…

Had a lovely dinner…with the Fabulous Five – it will be the last one for a while as one of us thought it would be a good idea to move to New Zealand for a couple of years. We pushed the boat out and had a lovely dinner at La Chapelle in Spitalfields, ooohed and aaaahhed over the blueberry soufflé and plotted where we could meet for a Girls Weekend sometime in the next two years. Happily it was decided that Vegas is pretty much half way between London and New Zealand, so that’s settled then!

Kept in touch with…an old work colleague that I haven’t seen for a few years. We had lunch in the City and sitting in large buzzy restaurant FULL of suited men made me realise that nothing much has changed in the 25 years since I started working in the City and eating in these places! It was so good to catch up and reminds me that it is nice to have the time to do that.

Signed up for a new challenge…well nearly signed. I have verbally agreed another freelance role which will be flexible hours and a chance to test my selling skills in the real world. I wanted to work for a start-up and this is a very young business that I am excited about. I am looking forward to being involved in their expansion.

Walked…in Richmond Park and let myself ‘feel the breeze’.  Said hello to the deer and wandered around Isabella Plantation checking out the trees and flowers that are in full bloom at this time of the year, and had a laugh at the ducks. Remembered that I have a degree in Biology lurking in my dim and distant past and figured that maybe I should reignite my love of the natural world as the flames have diminished over time, but clearly at the age of 18 it was very important to me.

Cooked…a bloody marvellous dinner. Five spice duck with parsnip mash and spring greens. Two notes to self:
1. Don’t take Son 3 to look at the ducks and then try and get him to eat one 3 hours later.
2. Buy a lot more duck for Son 1 and Son 2.

Dated….my husband. It doesn’t happen often, and I resolved to make it happen more, so I hope this date is the first of many. Standing at the bar clinking our pints of Kozel, made me think that underlyingly nothing much has changed between us, but we used to somehow manage to clink a pint with each other every week. I do wonder what we talked about back then, with no children and no career change project!

ReadHappiness. Understanding Love. What Money Can’t Buy. A short post by Gurbaksh Chahal, but enough to make me remember where I hope I am heading.

Coming up this week…more rows about revision and back-to-back play dates.…

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  1. Easter bonnet making certainly beats being chained to the desk in Canary Wharf for 10 hours a day!

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