Motivation For Monday – 31st March 14

During this career change project of mine, I sometimes find Mondays a little strange.  In my previous life in the Corporate world, I suffered badly from The Sunday Night Blues – which often started as early as breakfast on a Sunday,  I rarely managed to get to sleep on a Sunday night and when I did finally drift off it was a restless series of duvet-thrashing naps.  Lists running through my head of all the things I hadn’t managed to get done over the weekend, and the overwhelming feeling that yet another long, miserable week was just beginning.

In my new life, the impending arrival of Monday is less traumatic, but also less significant.   I have chosen Monday to be one of my freelance work days, but I want to avoid Monday becoming just another work day.  I have found some great blogs recently and have been inspired by Workerbeefree’s inspiring Friday Fess-up reflecting on her week as a Career Pioneer, and also by the lovely 3childrenandit’s Friday Favourites,  so I am choosing Monday to be my Motivation Day – the day that I reflect on the highlights of the previous week, to spur me on to keep trying new things and meeting new people.


No room for negatives here, just the good bits.


Last week I…


Started something new…I signed up with Mum Plus Mum – a fantastic initiative supporting new Mums by introducing them to Mums with older children who act as mentors.  I remember how shell-shocked I felt after the arrival of each of my children and I am looking forward to being able to support another Mum through that and hopefully make the transition to motherhood a little easier.


Went well outside my comfort zone…by attending a function at the House of Lords where I knew almost no-one.  As a result of my freelance work I found myself on the guest list for the 35th Anniversary celebrations for Working Families.  After a little Dutch courage I relaxed and really enjoyed meeting some very talented people and some very generous supporters of the Charity.  I also listened to an amazing speech by Baroness Scotland.  Not only were her words beautiful and impassioned, but her delivery was amazing and if I could ever speak publicly with ha lfthe style that she displayed then I would want to do it every day!  Her speech made me feel as if it was my personal responsibility to change the world..not for me, but for the next generation.


Kept in touch with….another Career-Changer who I met on my WordPress course.  She has discovered, like me, that she is also enjoying the journey too much and doesn’t want to jump straight back into another full-time job.  We had lunch and a gossip and I noticed we were easily the happiest people in the restaurant!


Was inspired by…my lovely friend Katy, a Mum from school who has left her job to start her own business called MyPopUpKitchen.  She is not only a lovely person, but a talented cook and produces an amazing range of Thai, Korean, Chinese and Asian meals.  She teaches in small groups or will cook a dinner party in your own home.  On top of that she is sharing her profits with a charity called Vision Rescue who feed, educate and rescue street children in Mumbai.  Sharing a meal with Katy is a win-win-win.


Cooked…my best ever Pad Thai (but forgot the bean sprouts :().  Inspired by Katy’s Green Chicken Curry class on Thursday, I decided to have one more stab at a dish that usually defeats me and turns into a gloopy messy of egg and noodles.  I searched for tips and found a great article on the Guardian website, then I adapted it and turned out a half decent Pad Thai.  Just as we finished eating I realised I had forgotten to add the bean sprouts…doh!

Pad Thai in a Wok

Felt all gooey inside…when Son 3 came home from school with a handmade Mother’s day card.  Clearly, there wasn’t much supervision going on at school that day as he had written inside ‘Happy Muthus Day’.  Sweet.
Gooey moment #2 was celebrating Son 1’s 17th Birthday on Mother’s Day.  He took his first driving lesson and looked so grown up sitting behind the wheel that I was reminded yet again how close I am to losing him to adulthood.

And finally…a big shout out to Son 2 who managed to be nice to me for the whole of Mother’s Day….despite being 15 :)

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  1. Hi Clara! Thanks for the shout out!

    I love this reflection of your past week. I can absolutely relate to the ways you are out there pushing past your comfort zone and trying out new things. It’s exciting, liberating, scary, fun, daring and exhausting! Or at least that’s how it feels to me.. :)

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