Motivation for Monday – Pineapples and Fear

This week, the kids finally went back to school. I had a few days respite from roasting chickens to sustain Son 1 and Son 2 and I had the house to myself for a few days, but motivation has been lacking and it has been a tough time for this Career Changer.
Reader, I had a birthday….

It came hurtling by last weekend when I wasn’t looking, knocked me off my feet and left me feeling very wobbly indeed. I was clearly unprepared for this particular birthday and have been left with an uneasy feeling that time is running out.  I am shocked by the realisation that it is now a year since I returned from a fantastic trip to Costa Rica – significant because it was this trip that was partly to blame for my reevaluation of my life. Costa Rica is the happiest nation on the planet and visiting this Garden of Eden when your own life is a misery obviously has life-changing implications….

Motivation - Pineapples

In an effort to keep the focus, here are the good bits.

In the last two weeks I have…

Eaten….a lot of Costa Rican pineapples. Shut my eyes and tried to remember how they tasted so sweet and so perfect last year that my first new career on my list was Pineapple Farmer (I was clearly being very open minded at the time).

Kept in touch with….another career changer who I met when volunteering at The Mince Pie Project back in December. Similarly confused about the direction we are going in, we have been keeping in touch and it is good to know we are not alone.

Met some of my neighbours….I have some lovely neighbours who have proven to be very good friends over the last year, but this week I went along to something new – a Neighbours’ get together. Call it Networking Lite! What a lovely idea – and now I know all the lovely ladies from the other end of my road!

Caught up with…. some very old friends at Skylon London. We had a window table, overlooking the river. It was sunny and warm and we glugged rosé as we watched the sun go down and the tourists swarm beneath us. Lovely evening!

Started another Futurelearn MOOC….‘Innovation and Enterprise’ being run by Loughborough University. While I don’t necessarily feel that Enterprise is something I can learn, I had felt that my freelance work was taking over and was missing my MOOCs. I need to keep working on that inner spark of ideas. I keep nurturing it in the hope that one day it will become a flame.

Read….’How to Find Meaningful Work’ on Good. The author Smiley Poswolsky cites Gallup’s 2013 State of the American Workplace report showed that as many as 70% of American workers are disengaged at their jobs. Wow, I really am not alone then! This article reassured me that my search for work I find meaningful is bound to be difficult, because fitting all the pieces together takes time and patience. He’s not wrong!

Also Read…. ‘What would you do if you weren’t afraid?’. As usual Rob at Escape The City also came up trumps with his timely blog post, reminding me that although I have taken one Big Step to get to this point, a few more Big Steps may yet be required and that Fear is part and parcel of the process.

This week I will be trying to get out more and stop being tied to my kitchen desk! Must remember to Feel the Breeze!

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  1. Rob on May 1, 2014 at 4:11 pm said:

    Thanks Clara – yep I don’t think the fear ever goes away (it’s part of what makes us human). I think it’s a sign that we’re on the right track and trying to do things that are worth doing.

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