New Year Hopes Not-Resolutions

I have never broken
a New Year’s Resolution…fact.  Truth is I have never made any to break.  Rather than give up drinking
in January, I did once pledge to drink every day for the whole month.  Something that I achieved way too easily.  However, since I am currently at what can only be described as a turning point in my life, I am allowing myself a few very simple ‘hopes’ for my new life in 2014.
I really hope I can…
  1. Do my first piece of paid freelance work. I am not fussy, happy to do (almost) anything. I remember the buzz of getting my first paid job when I was 14 and I want to feel like that again.
  2. Travel to BorneoEvery year we undergo an adventurous family trip, and Borneo is next on the list.  This year my eldest son will be 17 and I don’t know how much longer he will want to spend holidays with his family. (achieving 2. quite clearly depends heavily on 1.)
  3. Read 12 new books.Until recently I had no time to read and I have had the chance to rediscover reading.  I am giving myself a realistic target of one per month. (3 also depends on 1 of course as if I don’t find any wo
  4. rk I may read many more than 12!)
  5. Date my husband.  Cur
  6. rently this is a biannual event, but he deserves better (assuming that going out with me for the evening can be viewed as a positive).
  7. Walk. Having been welded to a seat for the last 20 years, I have recently regained the use of all my limbs.  I think I owe my legs some time doing what they were designed to do.
  8. Get new wrinkles.  Apparently you get the wrinkles you deserve and I have the frown lines of a bulldog sucking a wasp.  By the end of the year I want to have some new smile lines instead.


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