Adventures of a Career Changer – The World of Film Location Work

Dear Blogosphere…it has been 20 days since my last confession err post. I hope someone missed me! Truth be told, I have written and scrapped a few posts, so if you haven’t missed me then please be grateful for that.

Happy to say that my silence has been for positive reasons as I have been meeting new people and trying more new things. Most of these didn’t entail making any money, and more often than not they involve spending it.
When you leave your job like I did, you start to try and think of ways to pay the bills, if only so you can sleep at night. During my usual trawl of the internet looking for ideas I hit upon renting my house out for film location work. Last week I had my first booking.

black and white clapboard

The internet version of things makes it sound very easy — like free money if you will. The reality is slightly more painful, but still not a bad few days income.

When the agency first approach you the spec is for ‘one bedroom and bathroom’ — perfect, not too much disruption. Two ‘recces’ later and we have established that the crew will also film two tiny little scenes in the kitchen and lounge. Still no biggie. Oh and can they leave equipment overnight? Oh and can they bring a dog? The cats ears twitched, but I said yes. Continue Reading →