Life on Hold

Two weeks ago I drafted a blog post about how my new life was shaping up. I had just started another freelance role with a small newspaper and alongside my part-time charity role I was starting to think that this might be the portfolio career I had been looking for. Although the newspaper role was as Editor’s Assistant, it would also give me a chance to do some features writing and get published — something that I had increasingly been drawn towards during the time I have been getting to know myself again.

On the 7th July I went to my first press conference, wrote about it and managed to get my article published. I was feeling very excited about what was to come and had started my packing list for the big family adventure to Borneo. I was so busy that I didn’t get around to finishing the blog post.

On the 9th July I was told I have breast cancer.

In the space of a few seconds everything fell apart. A month ago a mammogram had been clear and a biopsy carried out ‘just to be sure’, but here was the doctor mouthing words that made no sense….’there is a tumour….I’m so sorry….it is in your lymph nodes too…surgery….ER+…HER negative…24th July…you need to cancel your holiday’.

By the time I left the hospital 30 minutes later I had joined a new club, been given the membership pack and had a head buzzing with questions. How do I tell people? What will it sound like when I say it out loud? My kids….what do I tell my kids? Continue Reading →

Working from Home – The First Month

I have now been self-employed and working from home for almost one month.  Prior to this I spent the last 25 years working in huge, open-plan Trading floors of Banks and Broking companies surrounded by 100-400 ‘close colleagues’.  To all intents and purposes a battery hen leashed to the desk by a length of telephone cable.

Now, my home is my office.

So how does working from home feel?  What are the differences, good and bad?

Clearly I no longer commute (this is good).
I don’t object to using public transport, I just don’t like using it at the same time as the rest of the population of London.  Continue Reading →

I’m A Freelancer!

There are lots of websites out there offering sensible advice on how to become a freelancer.  This blog isn’t one of them!  But if you ever decide to throw all your cards up in the air and start again, then maybe my way will work for you.

Back in January I set myself a few ‘Hopes’ for the year.  Two months in to 2014 and I can check one off.  I have just signed my first freelance contract and I couldn’t be more excited about it. Continue Reading →